Conversation with Jung-Ho Pak and Dorothy Savarese

Duet: A Candid Conversation with Cape Cod Five Chair & CEO Dorothy Savarese

Jung-Ho Pak, Cape Symphony Artistic Director & Conductor, sat down with Dorothy A. Savarese, Chair and CEO of Cape Cod Five, in this new video.

Cape Cod Five is our Masterpiece and CapePOPS! Series Title Sponsor.

These two Cape Cod leaders cover a wide range of topics, including the growth of the bank and the new Cape Cod Five headquarters, as well as their mutual love of music. Perhaps the most surprising revelation is the idea that a bank and a symphony have a lot in common!

Cape Cod Five has been busy helping customers all over our community as they navigate the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The bank helped raise donations for the Cape Cod Resilience Fund, funded loans for the Small Business Administration Paycheck Protection Program, and gave grants from the Cape Cod Five Foundation to support healthcare, food security, and housing security.

Many thanks to Dorothy for her time in making this video, and to Dorothy and Cape Cod 5 for their unwavering support of the Cape Symphony and their dedication to the Cape Cod community. Watch the video!

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