Cape Symphony September 2021 concert Victorious Return

The Cape Symphony Takes the Stage Again with "Victorious Return"!

We’re excited to kick off the 2021/22 Cape Symphony season with Victorious Return on September 11th and 12th! Listen to Jung-Ho's message to Cape Symphony fans:

Jung-Ho Pak and the talented musicians of the Cape Symphony will take the stage for the first time in eighteen months, performing works of Beethoven and Brahms as well as tributes to heroes both past and present.

The magnificent Second Symphony by Johannes Brahms (Jung-Ho’s favorite composer!) is light, pretty, and lustrous. Unlike some symphonies, it doesn’t have a particular story, but this work doesn’t need it – it’s purely wonderful music, full of surprises. The final movement is exciting and ends on a high!

We missed out on our planned celebrations of Ludwig van Beethoven’s 250th birthday in 2020. Never fear, we’re going to shine a light on him throughout our season, starting with a performance of his “Egmont Overture.” Hey, it’s always time for Beethoven! The “Egmont” is one of his most well-known overtures because it’s so dramatic. The music accompanied a play about the life of the Count of Egmont, a nobleman whose execution led to the rebellion of the Netherlands against Spain. The overture is like a film score, evoking tyranny, war, and heroism.  

Meanwhile, it’s hard to believe that it’s the 20th anniversary of 9/11. In honor of this solemn occasion, the Cape Symphony will perform “Towers of Light,” by Robert Wendel, a talented composer and arranger who writes both pop music and beautiful art music like this piece. The hopeful music begins in the deepest tones of the orchestra and rises until the whole orchestra is playing and you get goosebumps. The effect is serenity, peace, and love.

We’ll also honor the heroes who helped us all get through the past year and a half with a wonderful work by John Williams, “Summon the Heroes.” The legendary composer wrote the piece for the opening ceremony of the Atlanta Olympics, and it is a thrilling work.

You won’t want to miss the Cape Symphony’s return to the stage, at long last! Check out the Listening Links that Jung-Ho put together for your enjoyment and purchase tickets for Victorious Return!


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