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Video: 7z2QWQgs8Ic

Artistic Director & Conductor Jung-Ho Pak has created this amazing new video show just for you! It’s called “Enjoy!” and we’ll be sharing episodes every other week in our newsletter and on social media. Episode 1 includes an interview with pianists Christina and Michelle Naughton and video from our world premiere performance of “20th Meridian” starring our incredibly talented musicians and our special guests Abel Selaocoe, Sidiki Dembélé, and Alan Keary.

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Video: UVU_ioGu1IQ

In these challenging times, Artistic Director & Conductor Jung-Ho Pak shares a message of hope. We all make each other much better. Together, WE are a symphony.

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Video: XLvdcA64ReY

The Cape Symphony is looking for a talented violin player, and we're searching the whole world. For the minimal cost of only $5, you could win $5,000 and the chance to perform with a professional orchestra in one of the world’s most sought-after destinations. Artistic Director & Conductor Jung-Ho Pak explains how the competition works in this video. Read all the details and apply here.

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Video: LfTpQrlgcBo

Henry Mancini: his name means movie magic. Classics like Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Pink Panther, and Charade came to life thanks to Henry Mancini’s stylish scores and songs. Join the Cape Symphony on Saturday October 12 and Sunday October 13 for this magical concert featuring special guest Monica Mancini. Get tickets at Mancini at the Movies.

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Video: DyncDfvJVww

In this lively video, Artistic Director & Conductor Jung-Ho Pak talks about his approach to creating amazing experiences for the audience and why it's so important that at the Cape Symphony, our mission is to inspire joy. You'll see highlights of our extraordinary musicians and guest artists.

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