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In the Cape Symphony Preschool at our Barnstable campus, every day is an academic and artistic journey. Children discover the magical world of numbers, letters, books, and storytelling. They conduct science experiments, tune in to the weather, and learn about animal habits. When they’re not digging into nature projects, students are uncovering all the mysteries of their neighborhood and the big world beyond. To enhance these learning experiences, we weave music, dance, and visual arts into the fabric of every day. Children learn about great artists and composers. They sing, dance, play instruments, and create their own works of art.


Director of Early Childhood Education: Anne Kullas
Teachers: Alyson Anderson, Michelle Melby, Larry Smith


Two sessions:
Monday/Wednesday/Friday for ages four to five years
Tuesday/Thursday for ages 2.9 to four years

All sessions meet from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.
After-school enrichment program available from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM Monday through Friday for an additional semester-based fee.


Age on Sept. 1, 2020:
Ages 4 to 5    | 3-Day session (M/W/F)
Ages 2.9 to 4 | 2-Day session (T/TH)


September 14 to June 11

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M/W/F: $2,945 + $200 materials; includes violin rental, music book, art supplies, and teaching artist fees.
T/TH: $2,190 + $50 materials; includes art supplies and teaching artist fees.
Flexible payment plans are available.


We welcome you to schedule a visit with your child to learn about our arts-enriched preschool! Meet the teachers and fellow students, see the classroom, and discover how a Cape Symphony Preschool education will enrich your child. Use the contact info below,


To register or schedule a visit, please contact us:


Students in our M/W/F preschool classes receive Suzuki-inspired violin instruction as part of our core curriculum! Our program is modeled after the highly successful Talent Education Institute in Japan, founded by Shin'ichi Suzuki. The essence of this wonderful program is the belief that natural talent and ability can be fostered in any child through training and nurturing the natural growth process.

An arts-enriched environment fully engages children’s senses and opens a clear path for all types of learners. Through artistic activities, children learn to think objectively and creatively. They learn to listen, observe and describe; they learn to analyze, interpret and act independently. Physically, they develop gross and fine motor skills and increase their flexibility, strength, and balance. Socially, they learn to share, collaborate and express themselves with or without words.

Our highly skilled and experienced preschool teachers are nurturing, accessible, responsive and fun. After school, children can stay for one of our optional enrichment activities. Cape Symphony staff members will transition the students to a fun and educational mix of music, art, and dance/movement classes. These opportunities change periodically and are offered at an additional charge.


" From the extra music enrichment and creative movement programs to learning her numbers and letters, our daughter always has a smile on her face at the end of the day!  Her experience this past year in the preschool class has been exceptional! She adored her teacher and we have watched her musical curiosity and creativity grow by leaps and bounds!"  - Helen and Steve Malinowski 

"My youngest child is finishing up his very successful kindergarten year and I have to give much credit to the foundation that the Preschool helped my family build. We have also made many lasting friendships with the other families that we met over the years."  - Cathy Castano 

"The Preschool is exceptional with so much to offer, academically, artistically, musically and socially... (The teachers) are both nurturing, top-notch with a touch of class! I couldn't be more happy with the education and growth of my daughter... As a musician myself, I believe that music and the arts are an important part of learning and individual growth..." - Susannah Corrigan


Power of Art in Early Childhood Education (The Week/Pacific Standard)
The Suzuki Method (Suzuki Association)

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