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This free Zoom lecture on March 26th at 1:00 PM is suitable for general audiences and is open to the first 100 registrations. The lecture is fully enrolled, but you can join the wait list by calling 508.540.0611 or 508.362.2772.

On March 26, 1827, at the age of 56, the most influential composer of all time passed away in his home in Vienna. His name is known to all: Ludwig van Beethoven.

In the 250 years since his birth in 1770, Beethoven has become a cultural hero. Born into a family of court musicians, Beethoven's indomitable spirit and superlative genius has inspired millions. Beethoven’s personal fate, his tragic hearing loss, has become the single most compelling aspect of his influence on the field of musical activity from his time to ours. The idea of a deaf composer is virtually superhuman, in which the scenario of his suffering and victory form the context for receiving his music. In having to remove himself from society, from “real time,” Beethoven’s creative activities achieved a status of unimaginable transcendent headspace that only he could access. His symphonies and piano works catalyzed the shift from music as mere entertainment to Music as Art.

Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony is a landmark, unheralded in its rhythmic concentration, economy of thematic material, and startling innovations. Regarded as the quintessential Beethoven symphony, the Fifth reveals new layers of meaning to each generation from his time to ours. A single motive, more rhythm than melody, is perhaps the most recognizable musical figure of all time. It appears in all four movements of the symphony, connecting the terrifying opening in c-minor to the uplifting and joyful final in C major, a musical representation of his struggle and triumph over forces outside his control.

Please join us for a discussion of Beethoven’s life and guided listening of the Fifth Symphony to celebrate Beethoven’s passing and his indelible mark on global music culture.

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Friday, March 26

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