Enjoy Episode 5 from Jung-Ho Pak

ENJOY! with Jung-Ho Pak: Episode 5

In Episode 5 of ENJOY!, we feature an amazing performance from the Cape Symphony’s April 2016 concert “Mozart, At Last!” Jae Cosmos Lee, our Cape Symphony Concertmaster, takes the lead with an extraordinary ensemble of Cape Symphony musicians in the second movement of Mozart’s Violin Concerto No. 5. This slow and breathtakingly beautiful piece is truly music for the soul.

Also in ENJOY! Episode 5, Jung-Ho interviews Betsy Doriss, the Cape Symphony’s principal oboist, who is retiring. We’re so lucky to have had such an amazing musician and person as part of the Cape Symphony. Along with the oboe, this former hippie plays clarinet, piano, percussion, guitar, and even the accordion, because she wanted to be able to laugh while playing! Betsy first played with the Cape Symphony in 1969 as a substitute, traveling down from Boston. In 1976, she joined the orchestra permanently, moving to the Cape with her husband and two children. This episode also features a variety of performances by Betsy. Please enjoy Jung-Ho’s conversation with Betsy. We will miss her dearly, as will all of you, and we wish her all the best.

Pak’s Pick features a rare video of legendary guitarist Les Paul and Mary Ford, showcasing their talents and their sense of humor. Jung-Ho likes this video for two reasons. Normally the focus of this duo was on Mary’s beautiful voice, but this is an unusual chance to hear them sing together. And of course, Les Paul was usually the focus of the guitar playing and received countless accolades for it, but this is a glimpse into Mary’s mastery of the guitar.

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