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ENJOY! with Jung-Ho Pak: Episode 6

The highlight of ENJOY! Episode 6 comes from the Cape Symphony’s January 2020 “Passport to Africa” concert. This very special piece is “Beyond Bars” by Bradley Williams, text by Nelson Mandela and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (Letter from Birmingham Jail), narrated by Dr. Johann Buis and Rev. Dr. Joan M. Martin.

Also in ENJOY! Episode 6, Jung-Ho interviews the winners of the Cape Symphony’s Baton Hero Competition, our amateur conducting contest:

Daniel Day is awarded “Most Imbued with the Joy of Conducting” for his conducting of Tchaikovsky’s “1812 Overture.” Daniel is a percussionist who plays with the Seacoast Wind Ensemble in Maine and New Hampshire; their summer season was canceled, so the contest gave him a chance to be musical.

Lee Yaffa wins the “Closest Incarnation of the Legendary George Szell” award for his video in which he conducts “Farandole” from “L’Arlésienne” by Georges Bizet. Lee’s performance was one of the most believable; his “audience” even throws flowers to him!

For her entry, Jo Brisbane conducted the first movement of “Winter” by Antonio Vivaldi. Jo’s artistic interpretation includes the use of fans she had from a performance at the Cotuit Center for the Arts, and dressing in white to evoke winter. Jung-Ho awards Jo the “Most Beautifully Creative and Inspiring Interpretation.”

Peter Gaines receives the “Most Free Furtwangler-esque Baton Technique,” named after Wilhelm Furtwangler, one of the most important conductors of the 20th century. Peter’s conducting is very expressive and artistic, like Furtwangler. In his entry video, Peter conducts “La Gazza Ladra” (The Thieving Magpie) by Gioachino Rossini.

Oliver Roycroft wins “Most Physically Involved and Focused Conducting” for his active conducting, putting his whole body and soul into his performance. Oliver lives in Brewster and works at Maplewood Senior Living in the dining room. He conducts the famous “1812 Overture” by Pyotr Tchaikovsky with great intensity.

The “Most Ready to Take the Podium if Jung-Ho Gets Hit by a Bus” award goes to Andrew Milne. Andrew conducted “Overture to the Nutcracker” by Tchaikovsky. Andrew is the choral director for the Harvard, MA public schools, and holds a BA in Music and a Master’s in Music and Choral Conducting. He’s definitely the contestant with the most qualifications, as well as a tuxedo!

Troy Clarkson conducts Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7, first movement. Troy, too, is ready with his tuxedo, and Jung-Ho was highly impressed with his professional style of conducting, handing him the “Most Maestro-like and Maybe Should Have Done it As a Career” award. For his day job, Troy is the CFO of the City of Brockton, commuting from Falmouth.

Jung-Ho pays tribute to the legendary Italian composer Ennio Morricone, who recently passed away at the age of 91. His scores for films like “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” and “The Untouchables” were an indelible part of late 21st-century filmmaking. We feature Morricone conducting the Roma Sinfonietta in his own theme from “Cinema Paradiso.”

Episode 6 concludes with a speech from one of our greatest civil rights leaders, the late Congressman John Lewis, given on Arts Advocacy Day, Tuesday, March 21, 2017. In this video, Lewis speaks about the importance of the arts to the civil rights movement, and asks, “Where would our society be without the arts?”

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